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The Beginning...


Jack Wilson fell in love with young Charlotte Gibson when he was a boarder in her family’s home in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Afraid to express his feelings, Jack hesitated until it was too late and she was out of reach; over five thousand miles out of reach in Liverpool, England.

Struggling in the throes of the Great Depression, like so many others, Dolly's parents did what they thought was best for their five young daughters and moved back to ‘the Old Country’.  They could not foresee that rising tensions in Europe would erupt into another World War.


Jack, hopeful that they would finally be together again, began his long courtship by post. In his letters he tells ‘Dearest Dolly’ of his love for her and sends her the news from 'back home'.  Jack also paints a vivid picture of his life working in the province's  first mental health

hospital and the part he played in the early history of The Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation.


However, in the same suitcase, there

were letters from two other men;

Mac Adam and Peter Allen McDougal.

 These letters may have hardened

Dolly's heart and changed

the course of two lives.